My developer friend and I had a pillow fight at a hotel when traveling for AWE. We were laughing the whole time giggling like kids, we joked about making an AR pillow fight game. The idea began to blossom into what we have today!

What it does

Pillow Punch is a multiplayer AR game that allows users to battle it out in their shared space with digital pillows. Each hit is indicated by a puff of feathers. Players can get the powered up 'Pillow Punch' that they can launch at the other players.

How I built it

The team started with a connected project we created with similar gameplay mechanics. We concepted and developed 3D assets within our decided style. We also added an on screen indicator to let users know when their power up is ready.

Challenges I ran into

During testing we discovered it was difficult to gauge the distance that existed between each of the players. We added an indicator ring to help users know where they are in relation to the opponent.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

We are proud to say that our filter gives off the same child like energy we were hoping with a game that is focused around pillow fights.

What I learned

We learned that there are a lot of mechanics we can do with connected lenses. We plan to continue to explore/

What's next for Pillow Punch

Pillow Punch will fall into a long list of MousePack and Phil Walton projects dedicated to testing the future of Augmented Reality

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