More and more, we're noticing that the family around us is getting older. As old age sets in, there are certain challenges that come along with it, such as the complexity of medication. When one pill is supposed to be taken daily at 2:00pm, another at 5:00pm and so on, the relationship becomes increasingly complex. We all forget things, but when that thing is medication vital to your health, the consequences become much more serious. So, we decided to build something that will help with this immense challenge.

What it does

We designed an automatic pill dispenser that can be controlled by a web app. Doctors, nurses, or elderly’s children can set up a schedule for the medication, and the system will automatically prepare the pills for them. We also implemented a feedback system to detect if the medicine is taken and send the status back to the server to store for future use. This data can be used to alert the patient's doctor or nurse if they have taken their pills or not.

How I built it

We designed a mechanism with servo motors used to generate linear force to perform the action of pushing the pills, the structure is controlled by an Arduino and is connected to the web via a raspberry pi communicating via a UART serial connection.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

The entire team worked really smoothly. There was a good work distribution very early on, and we truly accomplished more than we thought we could. The structure, very creatively put together with cardboard, really amazed the non-hardware team-members. At the very end, we were very proud to have a complete integration from front-end to back-end to hardware.

What I learned

We learned that MQTT interfacing between Raspberry Pi and Arduino is a very useful and easy to use method of hardware integration. We also learned that Server set-up is very complicated.

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