PillBox is a user-friendly medication scheduling app, designed intensive care patients of all tech-levels. With natural, self-learning voice commands, and a simple but in depth interface, we make it easy for you to remember to take as many complex medications patterns as you need.

We wanted to make it easier for people with many medications to schedule and get notified for them.


Using Nuance, we allow everyone at any tech-level to schedule medications. The voice icon allows you to tell PillBox what you want to add. Here are just a few example of how you can use this feature:

I want to take Atorvastatin mondays and fridays at 10 and 5pm

Remind me to take my heart medication every 10 days

Take Oxycodone every day at noon for 30 days

Schedule Amlodipine three times a week for a month, then again two times a week later

You can also type the same commands or add medications with our interface in the Add Medication tab

On your dashboard (My PillBox), you can see your schedule for the day and see what medications you've taken.

Notification System That Learns

When it's time to take your medication, you will get a push notification as well as a voice prompt asking you if you've taken your medication and automatically rescheduling if you skipped. You can tell your PillBox to wait longer before re-prompting you to take your medication, and it will save that configuration for you.

Future Plans & Monetization

We want to allow more complicated medication patterns. For example, we want to show users medication side effects and warn them if the medications they are taking clash.

We want to also implement this with RFID tags which will automatically transfer medication intake details to your schedule.

Implementing Lexalytics with Nuance to ask users how they feel at the end of the day and to log any side effects they had would be a good way to monetize by offering this data to researchers or pharmaceutical companies. It would also help doctors figure out which medications are best for you.


Tiffany Le-Nguyen Matan Kushner Amir El Bawab
Tiffany Le-Nguyen Matan Kushner Amir El Bawab


MIT © Tiffany Le-Nguyen

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