Pill Remainder for the elderly people , and also who has the habit of forgetting medicines to take . The application keeps track of Expired Medicines , Out of Stock Medicines and medical Prescriptions . For elderly people , there will be some limitations in entering pill details manually , so to solve this problem , we came up with solution to Just Scan Medicines and it is automatically added to the inventory . Also application keeps track of expired medicines , notifies user where some medicine got expired to avoid consuming expired medicines . Application designed such a way to monitor heart rate of user with the help of Android Wear

Main Motive : To develop user friendly application for Elderly people / Patients , using the latest technology to make user experience better .

What it does

Pill Remainder:

Scan Medicines and Prescription Local Notification in any medicine got expired and out of stock Stock keeping of medicines Different Users or Family Profile can be maintined in Single application Extension for Hear rate monitoring using Android Wear

How I built it

Google Vision Api for scanning text from images . Google Voice for more user friendly inputs Material Design for excellent user experience Fragments used for UI Optimisation

Challenges I ran into

Integration of Google Vision Api , Material Design

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

Smart Scanning of medicine and prescription using Google Vision and Smart recording of User Voice inputs through Google Voice

What I learned

Android Technology Google Vision , Google Voice , Android wear exploration .

What's next for Pill Remainder

1.Text Mining from Google Vision response for auto populating values. 2.Syncing with other wearable & applications to collect existing health information. 3.Graphical representation of the heart rate monitoring data.

Built With

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