Because we have family values in common, we were inspired to build this web application with our loved ones in mind. Sometimes we forget when we have to take a certain medication, and even more so for older people. We thought that creating a website that will track it for them will be helpful.

What it does

Pill Pal helps users track all of the medications they're taking, as well as when they took them. Based on the frequency prescribed, Pill Pal is meant to send text reminders to users for when it's time to take a medication. Additionally, Pill Pal can help motivate users in their day-to-day lives with our “daily encouragement" feature--which sends users jokes, inspirational quotes, or prayers to the user based on their preferences.

How we built it

With a combination of our skills, we built the front-end web interface by use of HTML, CSS, Bootstrap, and JavaScript; and C++, JavaScript, and Java for the backend.

Challenges we ran into

As ongoing learners and budding engineers, we found it difficult to figure out exactly how to tie all the pieces together, but we tried our best and helped each other out along the way. We did a lot of research on how to handle the backend portion of the website, ran into a lot of problems while trying out certain frameworks, and although the process involved a lot of researching, discussing and asking the mentors, we gained a lot new valuable knowledge.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We're so proud of accomplishing as much as we have, given the fact that we met the day of the Hackathon, and given our different skill levels. Being able to discuss together and come up with the design of each part of the website, what it will do, how the user would navigate through was a new experience for all of us given it is our first hackathon. We've learned so much from this experience!

What we learned

Installations are half the battle. For instance, because we wanted to build a text-reminder feature, we tried to follow a tutorial to do so, but unfortunately ran out of time.

What's next for Pill Pal

We hope to continue to make it more functional and accessible for elderly folks, and people whose first language is not English.

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