The problems of medication adherence that has lead to unnecessary burdens on the healthcare system and avoidable harm to patients led us to delve into why these problems occur in the first place. After some research, we found out that of the patients that start their medication course, 50% stop taking their medication within a year. We targeted the population that depends on long-term medication to maintain their health.

What it does

The hardware component of our project includes a topper for a pill bottle which includes a speaker, a button, and an LED light. When it is time for a user to take their medication, their specific pill bottle topper will beep and flash until they take their medication. They also receive an alert on their mobile device that tells them it is medication time. Additionally, to help patients continue on their course of medication, we added a game component of the application. The patient is able to rack up points every time they take their medication on time. These points can be used for in-app games as well as for discounts at their local pharmacy.

How we built it

We built the front end using ionic and linked it to a backand backend. We used an Arduino with a seeduino shield to control our hardware module, which we controlled via BLE. We also used marvel apps to create a vision for us to follow once we began coding.

Challenges we ran into

learning how to use angular and new technologies and making them communicate with each other.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We were able to build working hardware peripherals that were controllable via bluetooth.

What we learned

We learned angular, arduino, and backend frameworks that communicated with a front-end

What's next for Pill Mate

We hope to take this to the next level and form partnerships with large pharmacy chains that would also be able to sell our pill bottle topper with their medications

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