Wanted to create something inspirational and useful for the real world that would improve daily lives and New Jersey Institute of Technology offered a course to get started. (MIT: 360:101- Introduction to Gerontology and Geriatric Engineering)

What it does

Tracks a users weekly medicine intake, just from using are Intelligent Pill Dispenser.

  • User sets the time they need to take their medicine for each day of the week through are mobile app.
  • This information is sent to the Intelligent Pill Dispenser over WiFi and the schedule is set. It's that simple
  • When it comes time for the user to take their medicine the Intelligent Pill Dispenser indicates the day of the week by a led light, and an alarm indicating its time to take their medicine.
  • The Intelligent Pill Dispenser knows when the lid is opened by a switch built-in under the lid.
  • The being opened causes the alarm to turn off and writes down the date and time
  • The Intelligent Pill Dispenser knows the day of the week so accidentally opening the wrong day wont turn the alarm off
  • All information is stored on a server and can be view on the mobile app anytime
  • This feature is useful for family members or doctors to keep track of the users medicine intake.


  • Micro limit switch
  • Mini reed switch
  • Arduino 101 (master)
  • Arduino Uno (slave)
  • ESP8266 WiFi module
  • RTC module
  • LCD
  • Micro SD Card Read/write (saves data if disconnected from WiFi)
  • Bread Boards
  • Weekly Pill container
  • Wires
  • Resistors


1.Getting the Arduino 101 to work with RTC (requires Arduino to not get turned off otherwise Time needs to be set all over again through code (BAD)) or ESP8266 WiFi Module. Therefore, the only way to make the WiFi module work was to do Master - Slave (serial to serial communication) (101 => Uno => WiFi => Server => App)

  1. Due to lots of code being uploaded on the arduino, it would still upload but with low memory warning which led to tons of communication issues between the hardware and serial monitor.

  2. Having to work more than 3 modules at once all together (Low Memory Issue).

What's next for Pill Dispenser

Improve Design and Code, make a smaller form factor by using the Arduino 101 industrial board. Portable by connecting to cell phone hot-spot for on the go use without breaking communication with the server. Sensitives weight scales inside each day of the week within the pill container, instead of the switch under the lid. Last but not least more WiFi/Bluetooth technology and modules incorporated.

Built With

  • arduino-101
  • arduino-libraries
  • c
  • c++
  • esp8266
  • modules
  • sd-card-module
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