Inspiration: Assist the lost pilgrim to return back to his campaign at the minimum time

What it does:

The lost pilgrim face many difficulties to return back to his campaign, Our idea is to use Face Recognition technology to guide the lost pilgrim to his campaign. The Scenario: When a pilgrim lost,another one has the application on his mobile just take a photo for him,the application will respond with the lost pilgrim data, His campaign Phone Num, Campaign Location, and the application Will recommend the nearest officer location and the nearest Lost Camp Location. Also the App will send a notification to the Campaign with their pilgrim data, and send notification to the nearest officer to the lost pilgrim location.

How we built it

Back end using java ,HTML 5 , JavaScript and CSS3 Image processing using OpenCV (Machine Learning Library and Image recognition algorithms) Detect location using what 3 words technology Mobile application using Java

Challenges we ran into

1- Define a real problem to help the government for minimize the lost pilgrim finding time. 2-Using OpenCV for Image recognition 3-Determine the best way to detect the location using What Three Words Technology 4-Complete the solution in time 5-Learning new technologies and uses it in the solution

Accomplishments that we're proud of

1-Mobile App Startup. 2-Web service Recognize the face and identify the person 3-Web Server Startup to manage and control the app

What we learned

1-Team Collaboration 2-Using new tools at minimum time 3-Challenge and make opportunities from obstacles.
4-OpoenCV libraries to solve image recognition 5-What Three words technology to determine location more precise.

What's next for Pilgrims Lost Guidance

We plan to startup a project to complete our idea and implement it to serve and facilitate the Hajj process.

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