A lot of friction happens from the inception of a pilgrims journey to the completion stage. Most of them are caused with payments and settlements, multicurrencies and different time delays with different mode of payments such as cash transactions and credit/debit cards. Removing these hurdles can bring the pilgrims a more connected way of ease of dealings on all levels of interactions during the hajj period. The pilgrim shall have easy and hurdle free process on transactions in and out of the entire period.

What it does

The platform enables the government(ministry of hajj and umra) to issue smart contracts (ERC20) on the etherium blockchain with an expiry date and then transfer it to the pilgrims prior to the pilgrimage through the app. The pilgrim shall have the tokens converted into the apps currency. Pilgrims transfer the currency to merchants at the point of sale, or can also transfer to each other pilgrims via fingerprint scanning on the finger print machine that the merchant has.

How we built it

The application is built with nodejs connected with the etherium blockchain. The mobile app is built with Qt & QML. The codes are purely written in javascript and QML Declarative language for UI. Technologies & libraries used:

Existing code used before hackathon

  • Qt - android binding code from github.
  • New project - in Qt, with Qt quick modules
  • Nodejs - Express framework

Code created during hackathon

  • UI for login, registration, home, send money, receive money.
  • android and ios release templates
  • Nodejs api for connecting to backend

Challenges we ran into

  • Security challenges with the design
  • Core implementation difficulties
  • Overall designing issues in bringing simplicity since multiple parties and stakeholders are involved
  • Finding a suitable workflow with the smart contracts in solving the need.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

  • Was able to find a convinient way for payment system
  • Cross platform app running on both iOS and android mobiles

What we learned

We met each other for the first time during registration, but our common passion for technology and the noble purpose to serve the pilgrims of Hajj united us into a dedicated team. We learned to identify our unique strengths and join them together in a common mission.

The unique atmosphere, where we were surrounded by world-class programmers, in an awesomely organized venue, pushed us beyond our limits of thinking and innovation. The unique mission of this hackathon enabled us to innovate and design with empathy in mind. Our sole goal became to serve the Hajj pilgrims.

We will leave this hackathon, as better programmers, aware contributors and most importantly satisfied human beings, knowing we made an impact to the lives of 2 million Hajj pilgrims. As Gandhi has said, the best way to find yourself is to lose yourself in the service of others. Thank you for letting us find ourselves and become better human beings!!

What's next for Prime Hoop

Reward systems can be introduced onto the platform for the pilgrims for the attitude and performance of a pilgrim during a the period like for example helping out in waste management and helping the elder pilgrim with health issues. The challenges shall be overriden with technoloy conviniently.

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