We wanted to create an IoT Social Hack, and we though of a DNS filter for social media on the local network.

What it does

The Raspberry PI assigns every device an IP address. This allows the PI to control the traffic that passes through every device. Alexa is connected to the PI to activate or deactivate the mode.

How we built it

We started with router configuration, RPI needed to act as a DNS servers for all users on the network. Fortunately, we had own router to play around. After that we configure server side on RPI and Alexa skill to understand voice command. Then comes the integration stage where we merge two part together. Then we extend functionality by adding timer feature. Also we spend extra time adding additional domains to blacklist.

Challenges we ran into

The ngrok had issues with the Raspberry PI on maintain the port fording for the Amazon Alexa to communicate and execute.

What we learned

We learned how to create Alexa Skill commands and their pipeline to other devices.

Built With

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