Oftentimes I miss out taking my medical prescriptions, (for days even) so we made a system that would make it easy to adhere to a schedule and keep a constant stream of communication with my doctor and I.

What it does

The app aims to allow doctor users to monitor and link new drugs/medications to patient users. Also on the patient side, we aimed to have a notification service alert users when to take the medication.

How we built it

Our target device was the android platform, so our front end is all Java, for the backend, we use a combination of MySql and python to define endpoints for an inhouse API Some other APIs we used were the Health Canada Drug Database, we also delved a bit into scipy for drug recommendation.

Challenges we ran into

Data Persistence issues, Time management issues

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Rapid prototyping for frontend, well defined schemas in the backend

What we learned

API endpoints, MySql, time management on large scale projects with finite timeline

What's next for piL

Fixing persistence issues, integrating drug & medication search feature, push notification for drug scheduling.

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