So why did we create Pikup? We started out by deciding on a problem to tackle. So at college, when I want to play a

pickup basketball game all I do is go to the courts and someone is there already playing. It’s that easy. However, over

the summer, when I return to the real world this is no longer a possibility. I have to text friends and find out when

everyone is free and what time works best. Then I have to find a court for us to play on and let everyone know and this

only works if there happen to be enough people in my group of friends free at that time. Often with larger team sports

finding 10 friends all simultaneously free is impossible. In almost all cases, everything has to be planned in advance. To

alleviate this problem, we set out to create a network that would provide the infrastructure to find athletes in one’s own

area. This new digital venue would minimize the overhead necessary to start a pickup game. That is why we created Pikup.

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