The process begins when restaurants like Starbucks and Tim Hortons order too much bakery stock, and are left with food at the end of the night. Employees are forced to dispose of food that is still perfectly edible for several hours, instead of giving it to those in need.

Instead, stores can sign up on our website, and begin creating Pikups, which are scheduled appointments for a volunteer from a shelter or other non-for-profit to come to the store, and pick up left over food. Non-for-profits can browse the website using location based maps, and can easily find new Pikups on their mobile devices.

The challenge behind this project was creating a UI that was as simple and intuitive as possible, so technologically un-savvy could easily sign up and use this service, to improve the lives of many.

Technology should improve the lives of people in the non-for-profit world as well, and help those who don't have the means to do so themselves.

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