Ever increasing energy consumption

What it does

The App is an proximity sensor tracking device which uses Estimotes to the track the movement of employees in a building and then uses the data gathered to train a behavioural AI bot which controls the micro climate around the people to save on energy consumption of a building.

How we built it

We used proximity beacons to track the movement of a person and how long he stay away from his room so that we can track the switching of the energy and the HVAC of his room as well as the hardware so that we can reduce the energy consumption when the place is not being used. The react native app gets tracked buy the beacons and sends signal to the backend to perform various functions.

Challenges we ran into

During the whole process of the development there were quite a few Challenges we ran into:

  • Estimotes were a completely new technology for us to work with
  • Cross platform issues for react-native apps
  • Debugging issues for android
  • Sleep (Just Kidding)

Accomplishments that we're proud of

The biggest accomplishment for us was that we were able to develop the whole POC during the hackathon starting from scratch and build the idea that we initially came with for the hackathon.

What we learned

The thing we learned the most was time crunching and how to achieve more in less amount of time

What's next for "Energy Saving Through Beacon Technology"

We would definitely be looking to grow the current idea by collaborating with a few of big companies and pilot our first version in some of their building and try to achieve what we expect in reality by implementing our technology for the companies.

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