I would like to fix bad habits of children, however, they sometimes won't listen to me.

What it does

An AI powered doll will pay attention to the bad habits of children.

How I built it

Deep learning implementation using tensorflow and keras. When it detects a bad hadit of a child, it will notify him/her with light or vibration using Raspberry Pi.

Challenges I ran into

Image data collection: -Light changes depending on the time of a day: AM ... The curtain is open and it is bright. PM ... The curtain is closed and only th fluorescent light. -Each of our team members including a girl needed to pick our noses by ourselves hundred times to make training data.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

-Facial expression classification -Integration with classifier and Raspberry-pi-device.

What I learned

Integration with software and hardware requires a bit different kind of task compared to implementing software.

What's next for "Pika tell"(A16)

-Incorporating peripheral machinery into a stuffed toy -Application to other facial expression classification -Adding training data of images of children

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