Everybody shoots, few edit. The process of editing can be daunting and the hardest part is always getting started.

Pik makes image editing easy by presenting blocks of images one at time with a simple yes/no decision. Yes's are saved to a PikList which can then be Pik'd again (we call this combing) or shared, downloaded, printed, pinterested, etc.

Inspiration provided by

  • tinder
  • the pomodoro technique
  • mcdonalds lunch theory
  • our on the job experience

Our target user

  • Mothers who shoot 300 images of a birthday party and want to share or print only 5.
  • Advertising creatives who need to quickly create moodboards from a variety of sources.
  • Photo editors who need simple, focused editing sessions to break through massive sets of photography. (2,000 photos per day)
  • Executives who only provide yes/no and the people that serve them


  • Collaborative image piking. Work on creating PikLists in real time with colleagues
  • Automated piklist publishing. Setup your PikList to feed a social platform (twitter, instagram, blog, etc.) and your yes's will be automatically pushed out.
  • Image improvement algorithm that tightens search criteria based on your decisions. (e.g. you search animals but click yes to a lot of dogs, show more dogs)

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