Share a moment to others around you through a single chirp.

What is Pijio?

Pijio is a mobile application that allows users to share an interesting picture with the people around them for a period of time. Unless the photo receives attentions through the form of likes, the photo will last 30 minutes at the location before disappearing. Likes give the photo a small boost of life which allow more users to see the photo before it dies off.

How was it built?

Our team of developers worked together to build a native iOS and Android application in parallel with the backend which was written in Node.js. Through the use of smart querying, we were able to find all the posts (Chirps) within a radius around the user while taking in account the curvature of the earth. This resulted in our application having quicker response times which allowed for a fluent user experience.

What's next for Pijio?

Video capabilities. Initially Pijio was designed to be video oriented; however, after running into multiple hick-ups we decided to pivot into a picture oriented service. Our goal in the future is to expand our service by allowing users to film small videos at locations as a choice over taking a picture.

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