Piikr is a mobile app that allows users to anonymously share, browse and interact with other people based on location.

People like to browse and share information. However, sometimes we are afraid to be judged or defined by others based on the things we share. Existing social network platforms, such as Facebook, Twitter and Google Plus, link your account with your real identity. Your friends and other people may judge or define you by your social media posts. We want to freely express ourselves without worrying about personal judgment when interacting with others.

Most social media users strongly agree that "anonymous posting" is the solution for freely expressing themselves and sharing information without worrying about personal judgments. It is a trend that anonymous-posting platforms are becoming more and more popular. Study have shown that people do not want their social media post to affect their lives. That is why more and more people are using new social platforms that allow anonymous sharing, such as Whisper, Secret and YikYak. However, they either lack the ability to share photos, locations or creative ways to interact with others. We need a new platform to anonymously share and have fun anytime, anywhere.

That is why we made Piikr!

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