Attorneys work very busy days, long weeks and juggle heavy case loads. It can be easy to overlook PII in an e-mail or attachment which can cause many issues in the future, including malpractice. We want to find a way to prevent this from happening before it becomes an issue.

How it works

This will be a plug-in for a gmail email client. When the email is drafted, it is run through the script which checks for social security numbers, telephone numbers, date of births, IP addresses, email addresses and credit card numbers. If any are found, the sender receives an e-mail from their account with one copy of the email (and any attachments) highlighting the potential PII and a second email with the PII redacted that they can review and send out.

Challenges I ran into

Many different ways that date of births, telephone numbers, and credit card numbers could be written down or recorded. Additionally, we didn't want the plug-in to automatically remove PII and send without attorney approval in case it catches something that should not be removed.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

We were able to build the application to be a little more robust, as far as information that it will catch, than we initially thought.

What's next for PII Detector

Next for PII Detector would be to fully integrate the script into Gmail so it runs automatically without as much attorney work. Additionally, once it is running fulling on Gmail, create the same script so it is compatible as a plugin for Microsoft Outlook since it is the main e-mail client for many law firms.

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