What is getting loan didn't have going to a bank? What if credit score wasn't that important and people need loans and can't get them, finally can? What if we could give the banks another avenue of income while really helping those who need it.

What it does

By logging in via bank accounts, people who have extra money and want to make little more can lend/loan/invest in other people and their projects or lives. PigVestment allows people not make us of that money in their piggy banks, make a little more, and help a lot of people who really need it. It puts both people who have money and need a little life invest together, and it easy them to help one another. By encouraging people to invest in other with a interest being earned, it really help both parties. By automating with C1's Nessie api, we are able to this smooth and simple as well with instant payments and scheduled payments.

How I built it

This is a Full Stack Application, built from ground up excluding apis of course. Using C# MVC and a jquery/javascript front end, the web was created. While rather simplistic, the backend goes to show much time really does take to something alone these lines. All this is hosted on Azure and we used a SQL Server database for store in relational database we designed. Data is pulled primary from Captial One's Nessie API or our own servers and then makes transactions via Nessie. In terms of services, also used C# mainly as it most compatible with Azure. A VM was setup on Azure along with a app, service, sql server, and sql database. All of these were coded by us.

Challenges I ran into

Azure, Azure, Azure, MVC, Azure, Azure. Azure is really powerful and fantastic for what it is, however compared to the types of services are are used, heroku and such, Azure a lot set up and time dedicated to getting it operational. We ended up spending lot of time fighting with Azure and connecting to it. MVP also had some weird issues we work around. With Azure, we actually endded up not being test the Azure db on our machines due school firefalls so we had to use and Azure VM machine that was running things to test and make changes to our databse

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

Azure. It really is powerful and vast in what it can do. We also ended up spending less then $2 of our free $200 which just seems incredible for how much cloud computing we ended up doing.

What I learned

Azure, Sql, MVC. All of us had various experiances but all really learned from this vast and to be honest far too ambitious project. Running everything from Azure was a rather large accomplishment though and we are extremely happy with that.

What's next for PigVestment

Really getting it running stably on the Ecosystem we set up and adding a lot of features that we wanted to add.

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