The desire to put the power of colors in the hands of everyday people.

What it does

Using your iPhone's camera, it allows you to sample the color of objects around you in real-time and generate complementary, triad, analogous, shade, and compound color variations. These variations can then be exported, shared, displayed in an animated Philips Hue light show, and made remotely available through a web url. In addition, color names are automatically generated based on RGB values.

How we built it

The main application was created for iOS using Swift 3. Colors were retrieved from video streams using AVFoundation and then converted and processed using HSL. A node.js server hosted on Heroku allows uploading and viewing of color streams, and the Philips Hues were supported using REST API.

Challenges we ran into

We had to convert color values from common RGB and HSB values to HSL for most color generation algorithms.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Our color algorithms, our pig mascot, and successfully interfacing remotely with the Philips Hues.

What we learned

More about colors than we ever imagined.

What's next for pigment

Maybe the App Store?

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