Inspiration: Ms.Carr, my AP Computer Science teacher, made an assignment that made us change names into Pig Latin, which inspired us to make a fuller version.

What it does: It accurately and quickly translates punctuated sentences and paragraphs into Pig Latin.

How I built it: Using Dr.Java for the prototype, and Eclipse for debugging and the final version.

Challenges I ran into: Many compiler errors in the arrays that were involved and a large amount of logical errors led to it being much more involved than we previously thought. At first it seemed easy to move one part of a String to the end of the same String, but as we added more features it got more and more complex.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of: Adding support for many types of punctuation and other technical difficulties that come with the English language.

What I learned: English is hard.

What's next for PigLatinTranslator: A version 2.0 with more efficient code, and maybe a web version if we get around to learning about that kind of stuff.

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