PiggyShake started as a funny idea, but as development progressed, we aimed the final product towards being a hybrid of Apple Watch's heartbeat sending feature and Yo's feature to Yo your friends.

How it works

With your pebble watch on your wrist and your connected phone in your hand, you can download the PiggyShake watchface from the Pebble store app and load it onto your device. At any time, you can configure which channel you want your piggy to be listening to and what your username you want to use. All you have to do to engage other channel users is give your wrist a shake!

What's next for PiggyShake

Features we'd love to add to PiggyShake range from giving users the choice between several, cute, shaking buddies to a leaderboard page to see who the top shakers are and which channels are full of action.

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