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How it works

We automatically round up all your purchases to the nearest dollar to help you save for something fun.

1. Open a PiggyBank Saving for a new TV for the apartment or planning on taking a trip with friends to Canada next month? Create a new PiggyBank for whatever you want and save together.

2. Make a Purchase Make purchases as you normally would using your Capital One card and we will automatically round up your purchases to the nearest dollar.

3. Have Fun Once you've all reached your individual goals, cash out and go have some fun. We know you deserve it.

How we built it

We built PiggyPennies using the Capital One API to allow friends to save their money together while integrating with their already existing lifestyle. We also use SparkPost for email transactions, and allow you to reply to emails to transfer your money without even visiting the website. For hosting the website we use AWS' EC2 and S3.

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