Rosie is a speaking pig which manages your savings for you.

You can add as many Rosie-Piggybanks as you like. A piggybank is a 'micro bank account' which you can use for a specific purpose (e.g. for saving money to buy a car). You can give your piggybank a name and it will wait at 'Kallefarm' for you and keeps care of your savings. Also, you can add saving goal in euros and some start capital, if you like.

To fill your piggybank, there are several options. E.g. you can give money to it every month or you can save money, if you buy specific goods (e.g. sweets).

The piggybank is an android app which uses to talk to you. It uses natural language recognition by using the Android SDK and answers via the text-to-speech api from google.

We hope you like our idea - and see you soon at 'Kallefarm'!!

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