As a college student at the age of early 20's I want to have fun and enjoy my early 20s. The majority of students dont think of retirement until later in life. There are two basic problems here:

  1. wasting time in things and situation that do not matter for future security
  2. Building a spending habit and most likely getting your self in dept.

We want to create an app that can fix this for us without us spending time on the operations of these following process like: paperwork, time, trips to the bank, learn things that our not in our interest. So we created piggy bank. PIGGYBANK will monitor your transactions and take the cent amount and round them to the nearest dollar and take that change and invest it into a 401k for you or any investment options that we have in our system. You are not limited to these two options, but you can create a wishlist and we will setup a cents investment into it. In no time you can become a lot more richer and save a lot of money without even knowing. All these is done in back-end with out the user having though go through the boring paperwork. They said long life customers are not a thing, we have just changed the system with Piggybank.

What it does

  1. takes the remainder of your change and rounds it to the near it dollar and invest it into a 401k, investment stocks, or wishlist.

How we built it

we build this using node.js, javascript, ibm bluemix, ibm Watson. Natural Language Understanding from IBM Watson

Challenges we ran into

connecting to ibm watson

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Making the UI, and being able to connect to it.

What we learned

We got more information about 401k investment funds, node.js, IBM apis,

What's next for PiggyBank

We want to apply this at college campus with the student community and have students start investing in their future early. We need funding to get this off the ground and start developing an MVP.

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