Financial literacy, as important as it is, is often not taught in school or emphasized as much as it should be. Piggybank seamlessly educates users on the investment process and how to budget, while putting these skills to practice.

What it does

The three main functions of Piggybank include budgeting, marketing simulator, and how to invest. Budgeting simply tracks purchases and helps the user stay on track on their preset budget, while monitoring the credits and debits of their bank account. Marketing simulator runs investment portfolio given pseudo companies with different returns and numbers, mimicking the market. How to invest connects the user with various online resources, as well as with nearby financial advisors to take the learned skills to a professional.

How I built it

Android app was developed with Javascript. The UI/UX was created in Adobe Creative Suite, namely Adobe XD

Challenges I ran into

Unfortunately, for the purpose of demoing, we had to hardcode the variables within our market simulation game when they should have been randomly generated.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

Finishing the app within the timeframe (plus time for sleep)! The first time trying Adobe XD opposed to Sketch or Figma.

What's next for Piggybank

Better integration of various bank APIs.

Built With

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