Feeling too lazy to go to the store to grab that tube of toothpaste? Need something quick at the grocery? Neighbor running out to grab some grub? Save your time and let the people nearby help you out, or get paid to do someone a favor, all while making friends!

What it does

Tip your friend or your neighbor to do your a favor. Save time, be efficient and keep it casual. Piggyback is an application focused on convenience. Gone are the days of overpaying for delivery services, or meeting minimum delivery fees. With PiggyBack, you can take advantage of someones trip to the store and negotiate a price you think is fair. And since your piggybackee is already on his or her way out, the tip is almost guaranteed to be lower than a regular, dedicated delivery service. With PiggyBack, you can also make a few bucks grabbing something for a friend, neighbor, or coworker.

How we built it

Python-Flask + MongoDB + Google Maps API + Bootstrap

Challenges we ran into

Designing a scaleable data structure.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Developed from front end to back end, updated user location in real-time, ability to keep track of requests.

What we learned

Got to learn a few tools and choosing the right libraries to quickly build out our application.

What's next for PiggyBack

  • Two way review ability
  • Add friends
  • Bonus points to compare with your friend
  • Distributed work queues for large scale
  • Security
  • Better UI
  • Auto mapping of items to stores
  • In app payment feature
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