Piggy Bankers

Since the rise of online shopping, card purchases, and user to user payments, the sense of loss when spending money disappeared. When you spend cash, you physically take the money out of your wallet and hand it over. With a credit card purchase or other online purchases, there is no sense of less which often leads to reckless spending. Piggy Bankers is an online, money-saving web service that shows users their current bank account balance prior to each online purchase.

What it does

Once the user's bank account is linked, Piggy Bankers accesses the current account balances and is shown within the Chrome Extension. The Piggy Bankers website allows the user to assess their spending and determine where their money is being spent. A budget can be created for the user and their adherence to the budget is constantly analyzed.

How we built it

For the Piggy Bankers website, we used a combination of Bootstrap, css, html, and javascript. The Chrome extension uses HTML with the JSON file, Plaid API, and Google Ad Sense.

Challenges we ran into

In order to have secure access to user's bank account information, we implemented the Plaid API system. This is a paid API with a free trial. After acquiring the trial API, Google Ad Sense needed to be implemented as well.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Piggy Bankers is proud to announce a working prototype for the chrome extension and website.

What we learned

This project gave our team the opportunity to learn more about Mongo.db, database and server hosting, the process of making a chrome extension, how to make a website using Bootstrap, and more experience with css, HTML, and Javascript.

What's next for Piggy Bankers

In the future, Piggy Bankers hopes to implement the full version of the Plaid API and Google Ad Sense services. The user database will be implemented as well. The software might eventually be licensed to financial institutions.

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