My team and I all consists of college students who truly know the struggle of wanting to go home for the weekend/holidays and all we can do is hope that our friend with the car is going home on the same date! From our frequent visits to colleges around the Silicon Valley, we noticed one thing that almost every college had: A Facebook Group dedicated to carpooling. This is where the idea was born!

That being said, our target users are directly college students. This isn't just another Uber or Lyft where not only prices are regulated, but often times it's just local rides, and in the event you find someone willing to take you the distance, the fee is outrages!

The good thing about Piggy Back is simply that the person giving you the ride home, was heading that direction in the first place. What does this mean? The fee for these rides can range from little to free!

We are proud to integrate several API's that were offered here at the event. But we are especially proud to be able to serve college students all across California!

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