In a society where the wage gap still exists, women are 3 times as likely as men to say they can’t afford retirement savings and have significantly lower rates of financial literacy. It’s time to break the cycle and pave the way for girls to achieve financial freedom. Introducing Piggi, the web app designed to introduce and build upon the skills and concepts of financial literacy for young girls.

What it does

Girls aged 10-15 can get a headstart in learning about the value of money and the concept of income through parents sending “missions'' to their Piggi account. To view missions, kids head over to the mission control center. Once a mission is completed, they can send it over for approval to their parents and when confirmed as successful, their account balance is updated to reflect their earnings.

Piggi also helps young girls learn about the crucial concept of saving and interest. By creating their own “goals” on the goal dashboard page, girls can choose where they want to allocate their mission earnings and work towards financial independence. Girls can also create new goals at any time by clicking on the new goal button that once approved by parents, will appear on their goal dashboard page. To create further incentives for girls to keep saving while also introducing the idea of interest, we will work with Cineplex and ScotiaBanks’s Scene program and award girls with 1 point for every $1 they save.

In addition, Piggi introduces the important concepts of debt in the Borrow and Payback page. After a child submits a request to borrow money, parents can set a deadline and late payment penalty. The child is then responsible for paying back the money owed to their parents by the deadline in order to avoid having to pay the fees set by their parents.

How I built it

The colourful kid-friendly design of Harvest was incorporated through creativity in Figma with an emphasis on making the interface as user-friendly as possible to the target consumer of young girls aged 10-15. Furthermore, real time authentication is achieved with Google Firebase, allowing a streamlined process for personalized accounts. Finally, the front end of the web application was created through Javascript, HTML and CSS.

Challenges I ran into

One challenge was learning how to create an authentication database and connecting all the html pages together seamlessly.

What's next for Piggi

The next steps of Piggi include linking the child accounts to their respective parent accounts as well as working further to build the backend for the parent perspective of Piggi.

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