Nowdays it's normal that kids have access to credit cards. As a consequence, newer generations are loosing the physical feeling with money, which can lead to issues with overspending and children that not understand the value of money.

What it does 

It teaches children how to manage digital money using gamification and fun games. Our app is using machine learning and neural network to help children making responsible decision in financial world, hence they will be well prepared for teenager and adult live. Parents can see their children actions and statistics/metrics in real time, so they can react quickly and give children additional feedback. It's not necessary for children to have their own, parents can share phones with them, the only thing they need to do is to setup proper children's account and switch to "Child mode".

How I built it

Using VIM and having fun.

Challenges I ran into

Detecting objects in real time using mobile phone. We have tested huge number of models before choosing the final one. The second biggest challenge was integration between object detection model and backend/API.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

Actually whole journey.

What I learned

All of us have learnt how to work with pytorch's models for sure! Some of us also had opportunity to work with docker for the first time ever.

What's next for Piggee Bank

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