We like pigeons.

What it does

A delayed "pigeon" mailing app that serves as a foil to modern day instant-messaging. Can set up "stations" to send and recieve mail from. Mailing time depends on distance between stations and pigeon speed

How we built it

We first brainstormed ideas until we have all agreed to build the pigeon mail website. Then, we divided up tasks among ourselves (one person working on backend while the other two works on various frontend pages). We have status updates and mini-meetings every hour to update the team on the progress and blockers.

Challenges we ran into

Not everyone on the team was familiar with the frameworks we were using Had trouble with Google Maps API One of the team's laptops stopped working

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We completed a website with functioning front and back ends;

What we learned

Gained experience with React-Redux Gained valuable experience working in a team with git

What's next for Pigeon Mail

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