Welcome to Pigeon

A real-time chatting app developed with Flutter

Hello I'm Pigeon, I will guide you all and introduce you all to my self😄.

OKK! So, what I am? And what I am for?

I'm a real-time chatting app developed by [woinbo](www.github.com/woinbo) using awesome technologies such as [Flutter](www.flutter.dev), Node-js, MongoDB, SocketIO, rest APIs, and much more.....


  • Splash Screen
  • Registration/Login Screen (## One time login)
  • OTP
  • Phone no registration (# No hassle of email and password)
  • Following as well as phone contact syncing just like WhatsApp
  • Stories/status
  • Left Right swiping for video and audio calling
  • Smart AI suggestion for smart reply
  • Auto grammatical/Spelling mistake correct
  • Voice message
  • Leave Voice and video messages while your friend is offline
  • Full activity tracker
  • Secure with 128bit encryption
  • Beautifull UI/UX
  • smart enough for letting you know typing..., online, last seen
  • And much more...


  • [x] Splash Screen
  • [x] Login/Registration Activity
  • [x] Home Page (In progress)
  • [ ] Chat page (In progress)
  • [ ] Video calling / audio calling (In progress)
  • [ ] Status (In progress)
  • [ ] Most of the UI (In progress)
  • [ ] Backend (In progress)
  • [ ] A lot of work is remaing

SetUp guide

  1. First of all fork this repo or clone this repo to your machine.
  2. Then goto inside the Backend folder and open CMD in it, then type npm i (make sure you have installed node-js properly)
  3. Then open this backend folder inside you favorite editor (mine is VScode), after opening this folder open a file named index.js
  4. Then Edit the following:
    • MongoDB URL,
    • PORT,
  5. Then open the frontend folder inside that you will find constant.dart, inside that, make sure you edit the nodeEndPoint URL to your localhost or you machine IP.
  6. Then in the backend folder with the cmd opened type npm start or nodemon index.js (make sure you have installed nodemon)
  7. Then inside run the flutter app on your emulator or on your physical device with USB debugging mode on.

enjoy the app.

your contribution will be appreciated.

Thank you😊

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