Pig Latin Translator

I created a module that translates a string into Pig Latin, and is capable of translating Pig Latin back into in the native language.

You can check out the page here.

How Pig Latin Works

Basically, the Pig Latin system used here works as follows:

You take the first letter of a word (e.g. Hello = H) and use the last letters (e.g. Hello = ello) and add 'ay' to the first letter (e.g. Hello = Ello hay).

  • Words that start with a vowel (A, E, I, O, U) simply have "ay" appended to the end of the word.

    • Examples are:
      • "eat" → "eatay"
      • "omelet" → "omeletay"
      • "are" → "areay"
  • Words that start with a consonant have all consonant letters up to the first vowel moved to the end of the word (as opposed to just the first consonant letter), and "-ay" is appended. -('Y' is counted as a vowel in this context)

    • Examples are:
      • "pig" → "ig-pay"
      • "banana" → "anana-bay"
      • "trash" → "ash-tray"
      • "happy" → "appy-hay"
      • "duck" → "uck-day"
      • "glove" → "ove-glay"

Additional Examples

phrase = 'This phrase will be converted into piglatin, please insert your phrase here.'

pigString= 'is-Thay ig-Pay atin-Lay ase-phray ill-way e-bay anslated-tray ack-bay into-ay e-thay ative-nay anguage-lay -asay -aay ing.-stray'

'Pig latin'

Thaaaaaaanks :D

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