Pietron is a decentralized network of generous givers and worthy beneficiaries.

  • Build a pie of receivers that each get a slice of your donations according to your preferences.
  • Donate when you want, with no subscriptions required or automatic withdrawals taken.
  • We charge no fees (but appreciate if you leave a slice for us).

Create a link from the Pietron landing page that your supporters can use to add you to their donation pie.

Business Model

We charge no fee. Instead, we encourage users to include us in their donations. This business model is a good fit for our product.

Creative Use of Lightning

Donations are passed to the wallet application as a bundle of Lightning invoices. Lightning can be a promising vehicle for handling multiple payments as a single transaction.

We will be working with wallet developers and others to improve their user experience in handling such bundles of payments. Rather than requiring the user to confirm every single payment, we suggest that they are presented together with a total paid and a common confirmation button.


Pietron is a good example of a decentralized app. We don't maintain a centralized register of donors or receivers. Each donor keeps their own information in Gaia.

Daily Use

Receiving donations frequently is good for those depending on smaller donations. Users can donate to their pie as often as they feel like, including a smaller amount each day if that makes them feel good.

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