Both of us came to the hackathon without a single idea but through feverish brainstorming, we generated many ideas and the one that stuck was the battlebot idea. We watched many videos and we were inspired when we saw a robot made out of filament beat other metal robots.

What it does

While Pierre has not quite yet reached his full potential, he can move forward and swivel. (and drain six batteries in record time)

How we built it

First we designated different tasks. I am skilled at design and Roman is good with Arduino. Both of us put together a rudimentary version prototype made in cardboard. We made some measurements and began laser cutting the body. After laser cutting, we assembled the body with hot glue. The original idea was to print some flexible tank treads and attached the 3D wheels but the wheels were unable to turn the treads. The wheels were placed on dc motors which were going to be used to turn the treads. In the end we found a swivel wheel and attached it to the front and two other large wheels for the back.

Challenges we ran into

The Original tires experienced some design challenges and ultimately they were unable to turn the flexible treads. Also we made multiple iterations of the body to account for the different mechanisms inside. Lastly we had aimed for it to be controlled by sound, but in the end the code was very complicated and we ran out of time.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

The robots rolling mechanism is completely functional.

What we learned

Arduino coding, laser cutting, arduino wiring, elite hot glue skills.

What's next for Pierre the Robot

Next hackathon we would create a version two of this robot with bluetooth control and response from sound.

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