The most comprehensive React based HubSpot theme

Pier.One is an extraordinary theme that is deeply rooted in React. Our team of developers created a new theme experience with years of experience in developing custom websites for clients all over Germany.

What is the Pier.One Theme about?

  • 🦄 Perfectly suited for startups and consulting firms
  • ⌨️ Built by developers for developers
  • 🚀 Best in class speed performance
  • 📱 Drag-and-Drop Editor with 15 Custom Modules
  • 🏗️ Dynamic & progressive React architecture
  • 🏆 Built by an award-winning german design agency
  • 📧 Unlimited Chat & Email Support
  • 🇩🇪 🇺🇸 English speaking and German speaking Support-Agents ______________________________________


We are a team of 30 digital experts working on WordPress enterprise websites for the last decade. We start using HubSpot in our agency in 2019 and become a solution partner in 2020. It was the right team at the right time to let our skills finally peak in a HubSpot theme for the new CMS Hub. Pier.One is our first HubSpot theme – and an extraordinary one.

What it does

Pier.One is a HubSpot theme that is deeply rooted in React. Our team of developers created a complete new theme experience based on the official HubSpot Theme Boilerplate. Our theme consist of over 15 custom modules for creating content directly with the CMS Hub Drag-and-Drop Editor. Additionally we deliver our theme with more than 10 unique templates, a blog layout and two conversion-optimized Landingapge templates.

How we built it

We bring together our designers, developers and marketing-people to built the theme of our dreams - in about two months. We made a screen design for each and every module, component and template and translate it via storybook to for a pixel perfect and responsive frontend. With this approach we totally base our frontend on JavaScript and React. With this strong foundation we start building custom modules with HubSpot an start working in this cycle in a agile flow.

Challenges we ran into

We ran into a lot of challenges by implementing modern development standards in our first theme and respecting the existing HubSpot CMS Hub Structure. We try implementing e.g. code splitting and want to make the theme as performant as possible. In some cases we need to postpone some smart ideas to a future release of Pier.One.

Accomplishments we’re proud of

We are really proud of leveraging the structure of our design and development team with an agile workflow from design over frontend to the new HubSpot CMS Hub Backend. Additionally we totally believe in our JavaScript / React structure and totally thrilled that we have integrate it that deeply in our theme.

What we learned

We learned, that the HubSpot CMS Hub is a really great tool - and we take a total deep-dive into it. On the other side we face some problems where the system is obviously restricted in some cases - and we’ve learned how we can integrate with our development workflow. We are curious to grow with the CMS Hub. Finally we have learned that a great theme is a lot of hard work.

What's next for Pier.One

Basically we want to learn how the HubSpot Marketplace works and how we can improve Pier.One for our clients. Furthermore we want to release an update in the first Quarter of 2021 to add some new modules and update as long with some new concepts in the CMS Hub. Additionally we want to integrate more functions for CMS Hub Enterprise with a special Version of our theme.

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