Events with crappy music no one wants to listen to.

What it does

PiedPipr is a way to anonymously cue music to a public playlist with ultimate oversight by the creator of the playlist. Sharing and creating playlists is an extremely simple procedure that doesn't require any logins.

How we built it

We built this platform using a variety of different web technologies to create a modern and platform agnostic. Meteor.js was at the heart of the application that handled all of the desktop browsing, mobile browsing and the API we built for secure REST communication. The app was built using IONIC, which creates native apps with JavaScript. IONIC communicates through the aforementioned REST API.

Challenges we ran into

There were too many challenges to count and they were too heartbreaking to recall. ~ These ranged from dealing with Angular's dependency-injection bugs, to harrowing problems with the reactivity and asynchronity present in Meteor's client (Blaze.js + other tools). Other issues included working with some poorly documented areas of the Google data API (for youtube) and attempting to integrate neat animations (ex. subtle strobe light animations in the background, pertaining to the sound in the video being played) while ensuring efficiency and not overworking the browser/CPU.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Helping people ultimately helps us, so by helping other people with their problems - such as AWS troubles, setting up Databases, figuring out LEAP APIs, etc. - we in turn a lot about AWS in the process.

What we learned

We learned valuable troubleshooting and debugging skills. We also learnt that the Google API should not be underestimated as it wasn't built for its ease of use.

What's next for PiedPipr

Integrating a vast array of sound APIs into our platform to provide the richest and most seamless experience for our users. Updating the UI to support large-scale events.

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