The books we own are a reflection of who we are. When our interests change or we move away, the things that are precious to us are left behind. Musical instruments carry with them all the experiences and exchanges we had in the past. After all, what we own, is who were are. What we own is an extension of our mind into the real world. An extension that can connect us to people everywhere we go. We want to help everyone have valuable and enriching encounters through objects that we can all share.

What it does

Piece allows anyone, everywhere to create shared learning experiences. Whether it´s a book that you will read with your friends. Whether it´s a musical piece on the guitar that you can practice together with strangers you´ve never met before. Piece provides a fun and easy to use interface to meet new people that you can immediately share a deep connection with over a shared hobby or passion. Users can find events that are nearby associated with the things that they are willing to share. For example, someone who hasn´t touched their guitar in a while can lend it to a stranger via the Piece app and allow them to practice playing it. Then, other people who are also interested in learning to play a new instrument can join together and organize a meetup where everyone can learn together.

How we built it

We used Android Studio to design and develop a prototype that gives the user a good impression of how using the platform will feel like.

Challenges we ran into

We had some challenges fitting the minikura API with the requirements that we had. We see the potential for this API to become very valuable in fully building a platform like Piece.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

The five of us managed to come up with a concept for a project that we all became very passionate about. Our backgrounds are very different, and we were able to make use of a lot of expertise in design, development and software engineering.

What we learned

We found out how important it is to come up with a solution to a problem that people genuinely experience in their everyday life. Our collaborative, multi-cultural approach to solving this and an emphasis on clear and productive communication were a lot of fun. We don´t think we could ever do without it again.

What's next for Piece

While we were able to create a fun to use prototype, we would like to bring our app to the next level and start experimenting and trying it out and find test users as soon as possible. We want to get out there in the real world and learn about the different ways people are going to use our app.

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