1. No Safety in open Restaurant: Post covid-19, people will be more concerned about safety & it will become huge when they will have to go to an open restaurant to have their dine-in experience where they will have to touch menus, interact with other people, will sit in the used couch, will be near to other people, do the billing in the counter & will have to interact with others also no idea about how the food in prepared inside the kitchen.
  2. No Private space to enjoy: Most of the time Travellers or general people wanted to get a place where they can freely enjoy or chill-out for few hours with full privacy. When people generally got stuck in a city & have some free tiem to spare.
  3. Judgement Issue: Mostly couples,party goers or even families get judged/stared by other people in an open restaurant, which creates an discomforting/embarrassing moment for the people who are being stared. This simply spoils the mood to enjoy.

What it does

It provides a private space in a hotel/guest house to couples,party goers & families to have their dine-in experience, food, some fun & us time together with zero disturbance or interaction with others with complete privacy,& a single centralised kitchen in the same building to serve in those rooms.

they need our solution because

  • They need to get private dine-in experience with their loved ones.
  • For Group party, birthday parties etc.
  • For lunch/dinner Date
  • For Gossiping & spending time together.
  • Chillout
  • Safety & enjoyment in corona times

How we built it

We built a Web app with the help of various frame works. We used ionic for frontend. Ruby & rail for backend. We used mysql for database support. We deployed the frontend in firebase & backend in heroku.

Challenges I ran into

  1. Finding a good team to make our video & software.
  2. Restructuring of the plan.
  3. Lack of good internet connection
  4. Got to add too many things in the website in a limited time.
  5. Had to remove a lot of bug from the website.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

1.We successfully completed our task in such a less time. 2.Got an amazing hard working team to work with in future. 3.We are proud of coming up with an idea which has the potential to change the world 4.We are proud of creating a service which can restore hospitality industry with more customer satisfaction.

What I learned

  1. Team work is necessary if you want to create something amazing.
  2. Working with calm minded in rush or hurry situations can really help in good thinking, executing & managing the team.
  3. Creating value in a business is the key to success.
  4. Always focus on the big goals you want to achieve. It really helps in keeping you focused.
  5. Accomplish more in less time.

What's next for Pie Rooms:Contactless Private restaurant in a Private Room

We are going to implement it in some properties by modifying them. After that we are going to test our different assumption by taking customers review & will do some modifications if necessary. Now that we tested the product & customers liked it, we will expand our branches in multiple cities with some external funding.

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