In the midst of a global pandemic, where members of society are confined to their homes for the safety of others, creativity can be limited and individuals cannot express themselves as easily. The countless months in isolation may have dimmed the creative spirit for many individuals, but with PicYourWord all it takes is a single word to curate a personalized mood board to boost personal morale. They say a picture is worth 1000 words, but in this case a single word has the power to spark a unique collection of pictures to express your mood.

What it does:

A web application that allows users to create a custom mood board from one word. This embodies how many people may interpret something differently and each mood board curated can be unique to the user who prompted its creation. Users have the option to create an account to save their moodboards for future viewing.

How we built it:

PicYourWord ( is hosted on Microsoft Azure. It utilizes its web app service as well as its local database service. The website itself was made with HTML, CSS, and PHP. The images are obtained from Yahoo Image Search. Due to time constraint we were unable to complete both the frontend and the backend of this web application. However, we did the best we could.

Challenges we ran into:

The team initially began with creating a domain for the web application. We knew that we wanted this to be an interactive application on the web but were unsure how to start. After meeting with mentors we discovered we would not be able to code the website from the domain we created, something we wanted to do for our own learning adventure. We then were faced with a struggle of wanting to both have a functioning website and be able to demo it, so the team split up, 2 working on developing the website and 2 working on a prototype. An additional challenge came to be when we used the functionality, but for the purpose of this hack we wanted to incorporate more judgeable aspects to try for a prize, so we sharply changed course to incorporate azure functionality.

Accomplishments that we're proud of:

As a team we are incredibly proud to have not only pulled off a functioning and visually appealing prototype of our idea, but also developed a website hosted on Microsoft Azure to showcase our mood board idea. Despite being faced with a virtual environment and never having met each other, these 4 women in stem came together to build something creatively powerful. It is our hope that PicYourWord would bring joy to anyone facing a hard time in these trying times, if a picture is worth 1000 words, a single word that can bring to life a collage of pictures is most definitely going to bring a smile to someone's face.

What we learned:

Coming from very diverse academic backgrounds, we learned skills from each other. From using github, visual studio code for collaboration, figma to visually bring our idea to life and Microsoft Azure all team members walked away with new skills in their toolbox and improved outlook on the power of teamwork.

What's next for PicYourMood: From here, we are looking to continue to make the product as close to the prototype as possible after this Hackaton, as to build out the MVP. Once the basic functions of being able to pull a specified number of images based on a theme word are completely implemented and tested, we would look into building out some additional features. Some features are shown in the prototype such as being able to randomly cycle through images, create a user profile, and save previous works. Some other features that our group had brainstormed included, being able to change the shape of the moodboard, download the moodboard as an image file or have a featured page that anyone can submit to and view.

Prize Category Submissions: Azure, hack for a god cause and mental health applciation


Built With: Figma HTML CSS PHP Azure SQL

Built With

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