We have created PictureNotes, an app that will allow you to write notes all over your screen!

Take a screenshot, write your own notes and then upload it to Evernote or share it to your favourite email client, social network, etc - The app is ideal for business use, casual, gaming or any other tablet or mobile activities. It could be noting anything from ideas to good websites and maps or simply showing off a high score in your favourite game.

The benefit with PictureNotes is for people to be able to note things that they see on the screen which are important to them. You no longer have to describe what you have experienced or share a link. You can now take a picture of it and with the native support of screenshots with Android ICS, we have utilized this feature to make it into a useful app.

Use case examples:

  • For webmasters, they can take a screenshot, note where content should move around on their website and then send to their colleagues. This will boost productivity by allowing visual description of the tasks.

  • For online shoppers, they can take a screenshot and note how they would like to combine the clothes collection, as an example. They can then send that to their friend for recommendation while keeping an Evernote copy to get back to later on. This will result in an enhanced shopping experience.

  • For students, they can take a screenshot of study material for an exam, write their own revision notes on there and then save in Evernote as well as share with their friends who are taking the same exam.

The app is very useful for many different situations and we will be working hard to get this released to Google Play within the next few days. Look out for new features and improvements in the near future!

How it works:

  • Take a screenshot (required Android ICS)

  • Open the screenshot from the notification bar

  • Select to open the screenshot with PictureNotes

  • (optional) Click on the actionbar's menu and select "Color" to change the brush.

  • Note your thoughts on the picture

  • Click on the actionbar's menu and select to share over the cloud or save your notes locally


  • Start PictureNotes

  • Click on "Open Gallery"

  • Select an image

  • Note your thoughts then share and save.

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