Ever wonder how some people are so impeccably well-dressed or where you can buy their style? If you're ever looking to buy a specific shirt a friend owns, or the immaculate jacket that passer-by is rocking, use PictureFit! Using image recognition software and Microsoft azure API's, never let that article of clothing slip away from your grip again.

What it does

Take or upload a picture of an article of clothing and we'll find the most similar results and redirect you to a retailers website where you can buy it.

How I built it

We built a platform using Android studio which calls endpoints to an Azure Cloud server, we then parse and search for items on the server side and return them to the client side for the user to display.

Challenges I ran into

Our Database guy left us––we were left as a team of two. Microsoft Azure Packages were difficult to install. Saving images to a server. Microsoft Azure lack of compatibility/functionality with safari web browser.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of


What I learned

Image Capture and Image Selection on Android; How to integrate an API in a Java Android Application;

What's next for PictureFit

Finishing the integration of the Backend. Visually improve UI/UX.

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