Right from the time when APL is launched, I always had the curiosity to work and create different APL skills. I created many APL themes but I always wanted to create a game in APL with pictures which inspired me to create this picture puzzle in Alexa

What it does

It entertains users especially kids to enhance thinking and problem-solving capacity by matching the mixed picture to the right grid to get a complete picture

How we built it

We had given a way to voice and touch interaction in this Picture Puzzle Alexa skill. We have dropped a huge effort in design and developing 3 templates. We used adobe photoshop & illustrator to design our assets and convert those assets into Alexa vector graphics.

There are 3 major templates built using APL.

Launch Screen template We have used many components, features from recent APL 1.4 In this template, we have used some cool animation for button press. We have used vector files in the APL. A very important one in this template is the Pigeon animation in the background. This pigeon animation is a cool animation where no one had built it before. we gave a try to animate birds flying in the background yes, we did it.

Choose Your Puzzle template We have implemented a carousel design in this template to choose the puzzle template for the user, there are already existing scroll and sequence component in APL to scroll the image, but we gave a try to implement carousel design in this template and we made it. It's proud of our team to give a huge and different concept on APL.

Game Puzzle Template This template is very very very important in this picture puzzle Alexa skill. here the main brain of Game is implemented through APL this is all by data binding, we already did some cool work on creating calculator in Alexa only through APL, during those days we ran into many problems like data binding concepts, and even in this skill, we ran into data binding issue.

we worked hard to match the puzzle through voice and touch. It's too difficult to give both voice and touch for picture puzzle, But we made it.

Challenges we ran into

we had many challenges in this APL skill-building, the major one is data binding. without the data binding concept, we cannot able to achieve this picture puzzle skill.

Animation - we implemented bird flying animation in Launch Screen template we have no idea to implement like this after a long struggle we developed a very cool animation.

Carousel design in Choose Your Puzzle template is very difficult to design, we ran into a problem to design this template, after a long struggle we implemented it through a data binding concept.

The entire game is developed through the data binding concept.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We are happy that we made the picture puzzle into alexa skill.

What we learned

We learned how to communicate data binding inside APL and animate some cool ideas.

What's next for Picture Puzzle

So, our future goal for picture puzzle is adding more puzzles to the game, as of now it holds 5 different puzzles to play/

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