We were tired of spending $300 dollars for a sub par chair. We knew that we could come up with a better design to enforce great posture without breaking the bank.

What it does

Using ultrasonic sensors we can determine your distance from the chair from 3 different points on your back. If your back is in an incorrect position, the chair will alert you using a high pitched sound emitter. LED's also display which part of your back is not correctly aligned for good posture.

How we built it

Made using only the finest quality of chairs, and duct tape available to man our chair was built by attaching cardboard to a chair, then attaching the Arduino and sensors.

Challenges we ran into

  • This was our team's first hackathon and we had very little experience
  • Ultrasonic sensors do not always give accurate readings
  • Timers in Arduino are not fun

Accomplishments that we're proud of

  • A working product at the end of our first hackathon
  • We are one of the only teams to have completed a unique hardware hack
  • Pulling an all nighter :D

What we learned

  • Arduino programming
  • Soldering
  • Working with limited resources

What's next for Picture Perfect Posture

Mass scale production of these incredible Picture Perfect Posture chairs.

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