When it comes time to take the big group picture at a party or special event, there’s always that awkward question… Who’s going to take the picture? Someone generally gets left out of the photo because they have to take it.

What it does

Our app allows users to have a drone take a photo or video (with the additional functionality of doing a flip if you want to show off). Users can change the height and distance of the drone.

How we built it

We found a scratch app that would translate into JavaScript on the phone, and control different aspects of the drone. We used loops to make the drone perform certain patterns. We also used Thunkable to code for the app, which had multiple buttons and various controls. The Scratch code was initially supposed to be connected to the app we made, however, when we attempted to combine both, we weren't able to connect the code to the drone.

Challenges we ran into

At first, we were going to use Xcode to create the app, but it was too difficult for us so we switched to Thunkable at the suggestion of a mentor. We weren't able to connect the drone's code to the app's code, so we need to learn more about how to integrate code from different platforms. Initially, we also were using code on the computer for the drone, however, we realized that it would be inconvenient for people to carry their computers to the party, so we figured out how to code on a phone.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We're proud of making the drone perform a certain pattern that can be used to take pictures. We're also proud of the app we made, since the buttons and sliders all worked and it was only a matter of connecting the drone's code and the app's.

What we learned

We learned to think ahead and imagine the events so we get a better idea of how we want to program for anything. For example, we thought of the party scenario, and we realized the inconvenience of carrying a computer to the party. We also learned that we need to think outside the box a bit, like figuring out how to connect different components. The importance of teamwork was also important since each of us figured out a different aspect.

What's next for Picture Perfect

Moving forward, we would create a website to feature photos users share using the hashtag #pictureperfecttech . We would want to partner with a cheaper drone company, so it could be more affordable for people to join in on the fun. We also want to work on disaster relief, because we realized that our drone can but help areas which are really in need. So similar flying patterns in disaster relief patterns can help authorities find and rescue people in hard-to-access areas.

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