We were excited about the API that Clarifai presented at the opening ceremony, and we enjoyed their tech talk, so we decided we wanted to produce something using the tags produced by images filtered through it.

What it does

Our application takes images from the internet, uses python scripts to access the clarifai API and generate the tags, and sends that information to a rap generator. The rap is then populated on the front page of our application.

How we built it

We split all the tasks in to parts. Two people worked on the python scripts, while two people worked on the html, css, and javascript. We then needed to collaborate on incorporating our code.

Challenges we ran into

One of the many challenges we ran into was getting the python scripts to communicate with the javascript dynamically, which was resolved when we started using http requests. One thing we were really hoping to do was take our application and put it into a container, but after several hours of working we realized there were too many dependency issues with the python being unable to load certain modules within the container.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We are very proud of how elegant our application appears and sounds. It was really fun to test the application with funny pictures which produced equally enjoyable lyrics. We also were able to create filters to edit out profanities. It was very satisfying to watch our major errors work out, such as our issues with the python scripts.

What we learned

We learned vast amounts of information about how http requests work, and how they communicate back and forth. We also learned quite a bit about containers from the Cycle developer team. While we weren't able to make containers work this time, it is definitely something that appealed to us as a group.

What's next for PICTURAPPZ

We were attempting to create a text to speech module for the application, but we ran in to a few issues and time was limited after our problems with containers. But overall we are all very proud of what we were able to achieve.

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