We wanted to build something enjoyable but also a little bit unpredictable, in an exciting way. Evan brought up the idea of "wikipedia racing", where people start on one page and try to get to another that's about a completely different topic. We thought that it might be really neat to do something similar, but with using gifs as the vehicle instead of wikipedia pages.

What it does

The user starts out by giving a gif and a word that they need to match (or we provide default ones for them if they leave the fields empty). The objective of the game is to find a gif that will match up with the word.

How I built it

We built the app in iterative steps: first we went over how to call the APIs, then we put down some boilerplate HTML/CSS, and then we did an initial test with loading different gifs on a webpage. From there, we split up the remaining tasks according to expertise and preference. However, we always looked to each other for input and direction. The shape that our project took differed in some ways from what we had originally imagined - but then again, we were looking to make something a little bit unexpected!

Challenges I ran into

All of us faced some roadblocks in regard to inexperience with some of the technologies/languages we used, or with seemingly inexplicable errors between the front and back ends.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

We worked as a team to support each other with mentorship and encouragement. I believe that everyone wanted to contribute something to the final product, so when we did create a working app it was a thrill for all of us.

What I learned

As for me personally, I need to improve my knowledge of Javascript. On a more significant note, I have come to appreciate the energy of a hackathon and the way it pushes people to dive into their creativity and that of others as well. I hope that I can take some of this spirit with me into my daily life.

What's next for Pictorious

It would be great to add more robust support for concurrent users. Perhaps we could also expand the back end so that users can register and create races for others. Another nice feature would be to let people share their race results with others and invite them to compete.

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