What it does

It offers a diverse list of aesthetically pleasing and well photographed areas around you. Through the app you can see a location's name, several photos of the location, an imbedded map of the location, and also popular instagram photos from that location. The app is intended to be used by a wide audience; ranging from novice instagrammers, to wedding photographers, to established influencers and artists.

How we built it

We used and decided to divide and conquer. Our content was transferred from computer to computer and we all participated in coding different aspects of the html, css, and javascript. At the end we uploaded our to netlify to publish the site.

Challenges we ran into

We had issues with certain elements of our format, like the header and about page which slowed us down for a few hours. All of us are relative beginners so we had to learn through experimentation and trying things over and over again.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We were able to have something to show today! We were able to fit in everything we talked about putting into this app.

What we learned

None of us were very experienced when we started this project (a whole 24 hours ago!). In that short amount of time we have become passably proficient at working with html, css, and js. We learned a lot about formatting a website.

What's next for PicStop

In the future there are two goals for PicStop. We would expand our range to include more states and possibly even international locations, and also add a more dense number of photospots per state. Secondly we would work to add a server so that our reviews section could eventually be visible on the site and serve as a way for users to comment on, review, and potentially ad locations.

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